10 Ways to Show the Teacher in Your Life Some Love

Though I do not presently have a classroom of students, I will always be a teacher at heart and have a heart for teachers.  Now that I’m a mom, I have a renewed respect and outlook on teachers. After 15 years in the profession, I came to realize that teachers get a thrill from any token of appreciation. 

Below, I share 10 acts of kindness and love that someone did for me while I was a teacher. They are some of the most treasured tokens that some of my loved ones granted me.  It is a super stressful and underpaid profession.  When your loved ones show that they “get you” as a teacher, it means the world. Never underestimate the POWER of APPRECIATION!


Without further ado, here are 10 tickets to a teacher’s heart:


1. When they get home, hand them their favorite beverage and rub their feet.

2.  Listen to their stories about their students, parents and co-workers with empathy and emotion.  When they say, “my kids” referring to their students, just go with it.  In fact, when you talk about the students to the teacher, refer to them as “your kids” to show you’re on board! (not your kids but the teacher’s kids….)

3.  Forgive them for teaching everyone in the family and anyone else they come in contact with.  It’s who they are. It’s in their blood.  There is no on or off switch.

4.  If you thank them for their countless hours and dedication Read the rest

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Learn From the Mega-Mistake I Made During Hurricane Harvey

I rarely watch TV except for football. No news- nothing.  I really wouldn’t care if we didn’t have a TV.  Every once in a few years, an emergency situation occurs.  I am glued to the TV for around 3 days. For example, the fall of the Aggie Bonfire was on my screen until I needed counseling.  I watched the tsunami until I needed counseling. Around 9/11 I watched until I needed counseling.  As Hurricane Katrina unfolded I watched until I needed counseling.  Just recently I watched Hurricane Harvey way too much, and now my child may need counseling!

Jock never experiences the news unless we are at families, and it appears on their TV.  He usually stops to watch some until I tell him to go play.

After we evacuated from our home due to Hurricane Harvey, we stayed with my parents.  I immediately turned on the hurricane coverage, and I pretty much left it on until we came back home 7 days later.  I’d spend around 2 hours a day playing with the kids, and then I’d go back to Hurricane Harvey. Only one day did I turn it off most of the day and played with them.

I looked at my cell phone 24/7 following my community Facebook page because those who decided to stay in our neighborhood gave us a play by play coverage of the water rising and streets closing around us.  I texted others whom I worried about, and I read what friends Read the rest

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Hurricane Harvey – A Reality Check for Natural Disaster Preparedness

We recently had to evacuate from our home for 7 days due to Hurricane Harvey that hit the Gulf Coast.  Fortunately, the levee that surrounds our subdivision held against the 4 foot of water it had around it, and the river crested lower than initially predicted. 

We don’t live in Houston.  Since most of our news comes out of Houston, they were the most televised place.  Many surrounding areas got hit super hard as well. 

Hurricane Harvey Was Not Picky

With that being said, I  spent a lot of years watching “those people” get hit by a storm.  When some died, I commented, “Why would they dare to go back?  It’s just stuff.”  We came back 4 times after we had the kids at my parents. 

I’ve watched the tragic stories of people losing everything.   A lot of times I’ve noticed that the people who got hit the hardest by flooding were the neighborhoods that cost the least to live in.  Harvey left no race, class, age, suburban, urban, rural, tall, short, fat, skinny untouched.  The who’s who and the has nots and all the in-between got hit. 

Everyone in the Gulf Coast and surrounding knows someone who was deeply affected by Harvey.  We had 45+ inches of rain.  Just say that to yourself. 50 inches! It fell in 6 days.  That’s 27 trillion gallons of water that fell on Texas and Louisiana. We usually don’t get that in a year!

You Never Think It Will Be You

Needless to Read the rest

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This Safety Measure Could Save Your Child from the ER or WORSE!

“Safety First” has always been Chris and my motto!

At the beginning of 2015, not long after Jock turned 1, my sister-in-law sent me a Facebook story from a mom who puts out her son’s devastating story every year on the anniversary of her son’s death.  He had a dresser fall on him.  The story was detailed, and you could visualize the scenario.

I Took Action

After reading, I immediately clicked over to Amazon, and I purchased enough straps to anchor all furniture in our house that I would worry about flipping on Jock.  He was aware of safety rules and never climbed on furniture or got into drawers, but the story terrified me. 

Chris put the straps on within a week after arrival except for the chest of drawers in Jock’s room.  I wasn’t sure yet how I was going to arrange the furniture, so I told him to wait on that because I didn’t want to make a bunch of unnecessary holes in the wall.

Two months later, I found out I was pregnant with Baby #2, life happened, and needless to say, the drawers never got strapped much less moved.

The New Year

Fast-forward to January 2, 2017, Chris was off for New Year’s Eve.  It was late in the evening.  Jock didn’t have a nap that day, so he was running on very little frontal cortex.  Since Chris was off and I was trying to tick-off honey-dos, we decided to switch Luke’s car seat to the Read the rest

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An Introduction to the Blog: Welcome to This-N-That Parenting


Today is my first blog post, and I am super excited because this is something that has been swirling around in my head and prayed about for several years now.  My purpose for creating this blog is to connect with other parents who want the most for their children. We have a strong sense of urgency to “get it right” but aren’t always sure what the best practices are to create these results.

There are some things that my parents did that I want to do the same. There are some things that I want to do differently.  Of course, the “differently” is the hard part because there are so many voices out there telling us what’s best for children and how to raise children. It is easy to become overwhelmed in less than 10 minutes of Googling.  I know I have and do, and I want to help relieve some of the anxiety.  I too want to be the best I can be as a parent and fulfill my calling as a parent to the best of my ability.

After becoming a parent, I QUICKLY realized that I needed professional development in parenting just like I did in my profession.  While teaching, I always tried to read as much as possible to be the best teacher I could possibly be and attend the most courses my schedule could hold.  I have done the same as a parent.  The hours (I have trouble sleeping) I have spent researching and

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