Children Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel

Maya Angelou wisely said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  This statement has so much insight.  This thought is a sensible affirmation to apply in parenthood.

What if we were intentional about how we make our children feel?  Maya Angelou said that we forget what people say and what they do.  I want to suggest that with our children- what we say and do will influence how they feel!

How do we want our children to feel?  Valued, respected, confident, strong, loved, positive, kind, helpful, and supported.  However it is you want your child to feel, your words and actions need to be aligned.  It sounds common-sense, but it’s not always easy in the heat of the moment.  Let’s be intentional on what we say and do with our children.  To be aware and give attention to how we make our children feel will have positive effects.

Let it be said, I do believe there are plenty of variables that impact your child’s behavior and how they feel that have nothing to do with you.  But for the long term, we can take some responsibility.


How do we want our children to feel?  Valued, respected, confident, strong, loved, positive, kind, helpful, and supported.  However, you want your child to feel.  Your words and actions need to be aligned.  It sounds common-sense, but it's not always easy in the heat of the moment.  Let's be intentional on what we say and do with our children.  To be aware and give attention to how we make our children feel will have positive effects.

My Family Will Never Forget How My Grandmother Made Them Feel

Several years ago, I spoke at my grandmother’s, my Momo’s funeral.  She was a simple woman.  A woman that we all loved and respected. She is the mother of 10 children and grandmother Read the rest

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8 Truths About Teenage Brain Development Every Parent Must Know

Your teenager’s behavior does not have to be a mystery to you. The basics of teenage brain development are worth understanding.  After infancy, the brain’s most dramatic growth spurt occurs during adolescence which typically describes ages 13-19.  All of this change in the teenage brain has teenagers wondering how they can deal with themselves just as their parents are wondering how they will ever get through the teen years. 

But when you understand teenage brain development, it can help you to empathize with teenagers.  Your teenager is not out to get you.  They are not your enemy.  In fact, chances are, your teenager is doing the very best they can.  There’s A LOT of emotion going on.  You can count on that!

I challenge you to make a decision to support your teen throughout this period of change.  I encourage you to make a pact with yourself that you will NOT  join in on any “Teen Behavior Rants” with others.  If you know about Self-Fulfilling Prophecy:  Kids Will Become What You Say They Are, then you know it’s not worth the risk.



My purpose for this post is to help you to understand teenage brain development and it's effects on the child, so you can offer them empathy and realize that it is an important time for you to support your teenager and model dealing with emotions. #teenagebrainfacts #myteenagerhatesme #myteenagerisoutofcontrol #myteenagerisdrivingmecrazy

New Technology: A Blessing For Discoveries About Teenage Brain Development

Scientists, researchers and psychologists are now able to study the brain in unbelievable ways.  This has led to more insight into child development and the development of the brain than ever before.  My purpose for this post is to help you to understand teenage brain development and it’s effects on the child, so you can Read the rest

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The Ultimate List of Inspirational Parenting Quotes

Obviously, people love quotes because you see quotes EVERYWHERE  printed on EVERYTHING these days.  I too love quotes.  This inspired me to compile some of my very favorite parenting quotes.

Quotes can be beneficial in many ways.  They are pieces of wisdom condensed into one or a few sentences, which can resonate with the heart of the reader. Parenting quotes have the power to bring hope, faith, inspiration, and motivation to the parents reading them.  Many parenting quotes contain great advice. Therefore, they make awesome learning tools.

Quotes are best used when they are read several times.  If the quote influences you in a positive manner, you can write it down or print it out.  Place the parenting quote in an area where you will see it often.  You can even print it out and create a T-Shirt to spread your favorite quotes. Repeating quotes is a way to use them to your family’s advantage, learn from them and make them a part of who you are as a parent.


This post contains over 50 of the most inspirational and smartest parenting quotes. Get your PDF of quotes to inspire you daily on your parenting journey. #bestparentingquotes #inspirationalparentingquotes #parentingadvicequote #motivatingparentingquotes


Parenting Quotes

Kids don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. ~Riney Jordan

God hasn’t just sent you to do his work in the lives of your children; he will use the lives of your children to advance his work in you. ~Paul David Tripp

Any child in his right mind will test the limits.  That’s his job.  He’s pretty new on the planet, after all, and he’s figuring out the rules.  Read the rest

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Is Your Family Ready For a Dog?

Santa brought our boys Maltipoos for Christmas.  Yes, they EACH got a puppy.  Many parents ask me how it is going and whether or not I recommend getting a puppy for a toddler and preschooler.  What parents want me to tell them is if their family is ready for a dog.

Previous to making a decision to get the boys dogs for Christmas I read a ton of articles to try and answer this question for us.  I too wanted to make sure we were ready to get a dog before we took the plunge.  Most of the articles and research I read said to wait until a child is around age 6 to get them a dog.

Considering the number of times I read this, you would think I would not have been as surprised as I was at the chaos the pups brought to our home.  Lord. Have. Mercy.  After 4 months I am just now starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel.  I am beginning to feel like things have started to calm down some.  I’m not sure if the dogs and kids have improved, but the weather has!  Therefore, the pups get to spend more time outside.  I was asking myself daily, “What were we thinking?  Not about ourselves that’s for sure!”  Now it’s not quite daily.

So, you too may be wondering if your family is ready for a dog!


This article gives 10 questions for parents to answer and discuss in order to help them make the decision on whether or not their family is ready for a dog. We feel that you will not have as many surprises as we did if you discuss the bullet points in this post. #familypet #howtoknowifyoushouldgetadot #isyourfamilyreadyforapupppy #shouldwegetourkidsadog

Only You Know If Your Family Is Ready For a

Read the rest
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Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Children Will Become What You Say They Are

How much thought have you given to the research on self-fulfilling prophecy? This research can be significant in your parenting.  You see, we buy into a story.  How we live and the decisions we make in our life are a result of the story we bought into. 

Furthermore, research says that the things that we saw, the things that we experienced, and the conversations we were exposed to between ages 0-5 govern most of the way we live as adults.  With this in mind, it is worth our effort to be intentional about the verbal and nonverbal communications we have with our children.

This is part of the reason it is said, “The way we talk to our child becomes their inner voice.”

The good news is that if we are intentional, humans can rewrite the story that we believe.  We can change our ideas such as I’m not good enough, fast enough, rich enough, smart enough, I’m not organized enough, skinny enough, whatever you need to rewrite. You can change your mindset.  You can even help your children to change their mindsets.  It is NEVER too late!

As parents, you must remember that when you say to your child, “You are…” or when you say about them, “He/She is…”  They will be exactly that.  Expect it.  Expect it every time because that is what you are sure to get.



Self-fulfilling prophecy with children. This post shares research, gives the types, examples, real-life stories, and it encourages parents to be intentional. #self-fulfilledprophecy #childrenwillbecomewhatyousay


Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Defined

When I attended the College of Education at Texas A&M in the 90s, a professor shared a Read the rest

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Self-Care 101: Be Intentional About One of the Hard Basics of Motherhood

Self-care is a big buzz word right now as it should be.  The way we take care of ourselves affects so many other areas of our lives.  It is so important, but it is so HARD ya’ll.  

I’m convinced that even if there were no such thing as sleep, self-care wouldn’t be any easier.  We would still have to be just as intentional because us Mama’s like to put everybody and everything before ourselves.

How Can We Make Self-Care the Norm?

One thing I have started wondering is At what point did women start feeling Mom-Guilt for devoting some time to themselves?? I look back at the women who were in my life while I was growing up, and they did things for themselves and for others.  I’m pretty sure they did it guilt-free too.

I know I haven’t had to get any counseling over the fact that my mom, aunts, and grandmas had hobbies, took showers or bathed every day, spent time with their husbands, volunteered, went to church, talked on the phone to their friends, read adult books and watched whatever TV show they wanted, said no when they didn’t feel like doing something…  The list goes on.

My thinking is that the next generation of moms tried to do more with their kids and the pendulum swung way too far in the opposite direction.  Additionally, more moms started working than in previous generations.  Therefore it got to the extreme point of moms hardly doing anything for themselves Read the rest

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