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This -N- That Parenting:  Changing Legacies One Family At a Time


Hi, I’m Shelly

I hold a Bachelors in Education and a Masters in Education and Principalship.  I spent over 15 years in the public school system before I became a mom.  Once I became a mom, I experienced quite a shock.  I had a lot of questions, and I set out to find the answers.  So began my personal transformation. 

I share positive parenting information with other intentional parents.  This site is what I wish I had along my parenting journey when I decided to switch from traditional parenting style.  Everything you will find here is research-based or personally experienced.  My intent is to help parents become a little better each day.




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  • Family Culture
  • Child Development
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Self-Care
  • Health & Safety
  • Product Recommendations


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Thanks for your time and cheers to parenting with love,