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This -N- That Parenting is a place to help parents be intentional about using positive parenting and becoming the adult they want their child to be in order to have a thriving family.

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Thankful For Shelly’s Support

This -N- That Parenting is a great support system for listening to other parents, asking questions, chiming in on discussions, and anything else that is brought up. Shelly does a great job bringing up up-to-date topics on parenting. It’s a very safe and real climate, and I just love all the topics she touches on. Her morning meetings have definitely given me insight into my parenting!
Natalie Oaks
Mother Of 2

I Feel Motivated

Shelly is infectious. She motivates me to be a better version of myself personally and spiritually. Her honesty makes me feel comfortable with being imperfect. This is important to me because I have lived my life trying to be perfect rather than just being the best version of myself.
Toya Frierson
Mother Co-Worker

Who I Know Shelly To Be

Everything about Shelly hubs on authenticity. Truth, integrity, conviction, and passion show her core. All of this greatness is the earnestness behind her drive and willingness to strive to become better and commit her efforts to her life, work, family, and friendships.
Karen Hays
Mom and Grandma, Ex-Co-Worker

High Expectations

I appreciate Shelly as a leader. I know that she has my best interest at heart and wants to see me succeed. She is not afraid to get in the trenches. I appreciate a leader who has practiced what they preach. Shelly is professional, motivational and high-performing.
April Juniper
Coached by Shelly

Best Intentions For Kids

The best way I know how to describe Shelly is motherly. She has a lot of talents, skills, and stamina. There is so much that is great about her, but it all stems back to her motherliness. She will take anyone under her wing and cherish them like her own. The time and effort she puts into kids whether they are hers or not is beyond words.
Susan George
Mom of 2, Friend


Shelly is passionate. When she cares about something, she is 100% in. Actually 120%!
Brittny Geyen
Coached by Shelly
This -N- That Parenting
what to do instead of spanking or punishment

I Am Glad You’re Here!

Thank you so much for visiting. I am passionate about parenting, child development, and motherhood. I am INTENTIONAL about getting a little better at parenting each day, and I’d love to help you do the same! This blog shares what I have learned through research and experience! You will find a heavy emphasis on treating and speaking to children with LOVE. Join me in being an intentional parent using the best practices.