21 More Ways to Say I love you
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21 MORE Ways to Say I Love You to Your Child by Showing It

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A child who feels loved and cherished thrives.  Psychiatrist, Dr. Charles Raison said, “One generation of deeply loving parents would change the brains of the next generation, and with that, the world.”  With that in mind, I wanted to provide parents with a way to say I Love You to your child through your actions.

By all means, I do not want you to run out of ideas on how to show love to your child!  It is easy to run out of new ways to spark the love energy.  Without a doubt, life gets loud and we get into a rut.  We keep doing the same things day in and day out.  Here you will find 21 Ways to Say I Love You to Your Child.

Aim for telling your child and showing your child that you love them as many times as possible in a day.  When a child knows that a parent loves them without a doubt, it builds courage that the child would not have otherwise.  Ultimately, you’re letting your child know you have their best interest in mind.  You are setting a foundation for their future relationships.  Ideally, these gestures will be used for generations to come.

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21 More Ways To Say I Love YOu To Your Child- Get ways to connect with your child and show them that you love them.  A child who feels loved and cherished thrives.

On a positive note, adding new ideas and new energy can bring a new zeal to things.  That’s what the 21 more ideas are meant for.  They are meant to get instantaneous results.

Why Bother?  Check Out the Benefits.

  • Provide unconditional acceptance
  • Increase attention span
  • Increase cooperation
  • Instills courage.
  • Build confidence.
  • Wires the brain for impulse control and willingness
  • Increases dopamine
  • Children feel secure when they feel loved.
  • Brings joy to a human
  • Builds trust
  • Can heal or begin to mend disconnection in a relationship
  • Creates a biochemistry that optimizes the function of our brain

These are just several of the reasons it is worth being intentional about saying and showing love to your child.  In reality, these ideas can work on anyone in your life that you want to show your love to, but I am concentrating on children of any age.

Include These Gestures:

  1. Eye contact
  2. Touch 
  3. Mindfulness or Presence
  4. Playfulness

Here are 21 Ideas for Showing Your Child Love:

  1. Occasionally, while hugging your child, ask her, “Can you feel the love pouring from my heart to yours?” Ask her to let you know when her heart is full. “Is your gauge on F?  I want to keep your tank full!” If they do it back to you, get really dramatic. 
  2. Secondly, play the stare into your eyes game. Make up your own rules such as you can’t smile or you can’t blink.  While you’re playing, act silly, make faces, blow kisses and make your child laugh. 
  3. As often as possible, tell your child, “I’ll play anything you want for 1 hour,” or whatever is the most amount of time you can give your child. 
  4. Above all, stop, drop what your doing, face your child and listen when your child speaks to you. 
  5. Definitely, notice your child. Examples:  I notice you have stacked 5 blocks on top of each other.  I noticed you practiced the piano without being asked.  I noticed that you changed from your white flip flops to your pink. 
  6. Give your child choices. Ask their opinion about things.  It’s a big deal for them to feel their opinion matters.  Giving your child choice empowers them. 
  7. Don’t discuss their flaws with others, especially in front of them
  8. Without reservation, be the last to let them go on hugs. 
  9. Without delay, say I love you every single day multiple times a day. 
  10. You will certainly benefit if you learn your child’s love language (ages 5 and up) and learn to speak it.  Take the quiz.

19.  In addition, take a special interest in what your child loves even if it’s the farthest thing from your interest. Study it with them, and take them to events to support their learning.  

20. Of course, don’t expect perfection.  In addition, try not to expect perfection of yourself either.

21. Lastly, if your child has a favorite meal, then cook their favorite food or take them to eat their favorite food. Equally, let them choose the meal or the restaurant for supper.

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Call to Action

All things considered, I love you rituals do not have to take a lot of time or effort on the parents part, but they can make a world of positive difference on the parent-child relationship.  As you will see, the benefits will motivate you to repeat your efforts and think of new ways to say I love you.

Finding harmony in saying I Love You to Your Child and Showing it will strengthen you and your child’s connection.  I have created a PDF of 50 Affirmations that will positively impact your child’s inner voice.  Print that out and use it on the days when you’ve run out of ideas.

50 Affirmations That Will Say I Love You to Your Child

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I’d love for you to comment on ways you SHOW I love you to your child.  It would be great to generate more ideas so that we have a surplus of gestures.

Want More On Connection?

21 More Ways to Say I Love You to Your Child


Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours!  Remember to have fun, laugh and give God the glory! I love you! SS

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