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Growing Pains: 9 Remedies to Help Your Child Overcome Them

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Have you experienced a child who is whining that their legs hurt? Does your child wake you in the night crying and holding their chins? Has your child cried while holding their legs? You ask questions about what happened or what hurts, but they have little of an answer for you? Chances are it’s growing pains.

We have experienced this many times in our household and after much research, a trip to the pediatrician, and a trip to Texas Children’s Hospital to make sure the diagnosis is correct, we learned a lot about growing pains.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could give your child some relief when they are feeling this intense pain?  

I’m going to share the exact remedies I have used to get rid of growing pains. If or when growing pains occur in your child, you will be prepared!

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Symptoms of Growing Pains:

  • Growing pains have been described as aches or throbs in the legs. 
  • Growing pains are usually in the thigh and calf muscles, not joints. Kids may also experience headaches and stomachaches at this time. 
  • Sometimes the pain occurs every day. Sometimes it comes and goes. 
  • The pain is often experienced in the evening.

What Do Doctors Know About Growing Pains?

  • There is no proof that growing causes pain. The word “growing” is misleading. Some believe that children get these pains from being very active throughout the day. On the contrary, some kids get the pains on days they are not active.   
  • Growing pains are usually found in preschoolers and preteens. 
  • 20 – 40% of children experience growing pains. 
  • Other diagnoses should be ruled out before a doctor rules its growing pains. Growing pains do not cause fever, chills, redness, swelling, limping, or joint pain. 

Remedies to Treat Growing Pains:

1. Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen-NO ASPIRIN.

2. Massage the area

3. Stretch the area

4. Use a heating pad on the area

5. Magnesium: While you can find magnesium in dark leafy greens, nuts, seeds, fish, beans, whole grains, avocados, yogurt, bananas, and even dark chocolate, you can also get a good quick dose of magnesium with an Epsom salt bath! 

Run as warm a bath as the child can stand and add lavender and chamomile salts. Have your child soak in the Epsom salt until the water cools. 

Add Epsom salt to your child’s bathwater every now and again for maintenance to prevent the pains from returning.

6. Vitamin D:  Vitamin D is essential for bone health. Get outside and get into the sunshine! 

Fatty fish, canned tuna, orange juice, egg yolks, fortified cereal, beef liver, and cod liver are also sources of Vitamin D.

7. Give Your Child Bone Broth To Drink: Bone broth contains amino acids and both vitamins A and D, which improves the body’s ability to absorb minerals that the body needs to build healthy strong bones. Bone broth contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium.   

8. Replenish Electrolytes Using NATURAL Products:  Coconut Water, Raw Honey, Citrus Fruits, and Sea Salt

9. Stanley Home Product Feet TreatMint:   

Be sure to try it on a small area at first. Make sure the kid’s diaper or underwear is on before applying, so it doesn’t get anywhere near their privates. The best way I know to describe it is a really mild version of an Icy Hot.

The formula contains natural peppermint, menthol, wintergreen, camphor, and other soothing oils. 

Stanley Feet TreatMint is a great routine for preventative maintenance against growing pains

How to Know If You Are Dealing With A Child Who Has Growing Pains or Not?

One way to know if it is growing pains is the child will be relieved if you try the above.  If they are not comforted by touch and massaging, then a doctor should be seen.

Remember, growing pains do not cause fever, chills, redness, swelling, limping, or joint pain.


When your child cries that their limbs are aching, there's nothing you want more than to stop the pain on a dime. Find out the symptoms, causes, and remedies that will give relief to your child's growing pains. #naturalremediesforgrowingpains #growingpainskids #kidsgrowingpains #howtohelpmychildsgrowingpains

A Couple of Personal Stories

With Luke, my youngest son, we ended up at Texas Children’s and did blood work there to make sure all was well. 

The lab work showed him to be low in some vitamins and iron, but they agreed with previous doctors on why he wants his limbs rubbed.  They suggested that Luke might just like massages or he was having growing pains.

I know I’m a little bit hyper-paranoid because I’m a mom and because I knew a couple whose daughter was complaining about her legs for a couple of days. Two doctors diagnosed it to be growing pains. 

At first, it was easy to believe because the child was learning to roller skate, so maybe her legs were sore. After the second diagnosis, the mother didn’t have a good gut feeling. They took the child to Texas Children’s ER. 

Doctors diagnosed her with leukemia on the spot. 

I’m not trying to scare you, but at the same time, I admire this mother for being an advocate for her child. As parents, we have to advocate for our children in the health care system when we do not feel like the diagnosis seems correct or we are not getting the best care.

Call to Action

If your child is experiencing growing pains, use the remedies above to help relieve the symptoms.  Once your child experiences growing pains, it is a good idea to be intentional about a preventative maintenance routine. 

Take note that magnesium, Vitamin D, bone broth, coconut water, raw honey, citrus fruits, and sea salt are in your child’s diet.  Ensure that your child is bathing in Epsom Salt every once in a while. 

Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours!  Remember to have fun, laugh and give God the glory! I love you! SS

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