Toothpaste- Which is the Best for Your Family? is a guest post of Dervla Leavy Dental Care.


As parents, we all want what’s best for our children’s health. Whatever expense is required to ensure that our kids are happy and healthy, it’s worth making. This goes for all aspect of a child’s health, including their oral health. There are time-honored methods of encouraging children to mind their teeth.  These methods include brushing twice daily and adopting a sensible, low-sugar diet.


Choosing the Best Toothpaste to Fit Your Needs

Persuading your kids to brush their teeth is one thing but providing them with the best toothpaste product is another. There’s a good reason why there are so many different toothpaste brands and options available at supermarkets.  It’s because they serve a multitude of various functions for people’s teeth.

The diet, food intake, and brushing of teeth play an important role in our children’s oral health.  Therefore it is essential to establish a proper oral hygiene routine early in life to help ensure the development of strong and healthy teeth. 

It’s no wonder that toothpaste manufacturers so clearly brand children’s toothpaste to make it attractive to them and indeed to parents. It is because, for young kids especially, they benefit most from a toothpaste with reduced amounts of fluoride due to the possible event of them swallowing the product.  If so, they would not ingest a dangerous level of fluoride.

Another branding method includes the toothpaste flavor.  It is flavored so that the less than appetizing taste of abrasive agents is mitigated, making your kids more receptive to that type of toothpaste and hence more likely to brush twice a day.

Here is an infographic from Irish dentistry Dervla Leavy Dental Care which summarizes all the main types of toothpaste, helping you to make a well-informed purchasing decision.

What is the best type of toothpaste for you?

When you are in the toothpaste section of your favorite market, it doesn’t take long to realize there is an abundance of toothpaste choices for you to choose from.  Which one is best for your child?  Once you are aware of the ingredients and the purposes of each it makes decision making so much easier.  The infographic provided takes all of the guesswork out of making a smart purchase.


Cheers to happy toothbrushing with the right toothpaste!


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    Our daughter just got her first two teeth in so we have been starting to brush her teeth. I’ve been struggling with deciding which toothpaste I should use for her. Thanks for the great information!

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      I’m so glad to hear that it helped someone! Blessings to you getting through teething!

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