You Can't Afford to Miss One Word of Paul Tripp's Phenomenal Book
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You Can’t Afford to Miss One Word of Paul Tripp’s Phenomenal Book

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If I could only recommend one Christian parenting book to parents, it would be Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family.  Paul  Tripp’s book changed my mindset about my responsibilities as a parent dramatically. For example, a weight lifted off of my shoulders when it was explained what I am called to do, versus what I am supposed to rely on God to do for my child.  Secondly, when reminded time and again that parenting is for the long-haul and I should not expect major change overnight, some of my anxieties diminished.  

As I mentioned at the end of my interview with The Home and Family Culture Podcast, this book is filled with so many nuggets I could never get enough of this book.  All things considered, if there were some way I could program my brain to automatically think and act the way the book recommends, I’d be the first to sign up!  Unfortunately, that is not yet possible.  I am a work in progress, just as my children are a work in progress. 

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You Can't Afford to Miss One Word of Paul Tripp's Phenomenal Book

The 14 Gospel Principles in the book are mercyrestcontrolfalse godscharacterfoolishnessauthoritylost,  processidentityinabilitylawgrace and calling.  Watch each video to get a glimpse into the resourcefulness and wisdom of Paul David Tripp.  Each time I’d get to the next chapter, I would find myself thinking, “Oh this is the best chapter yet!  No, this is the best chapter.  Oh, this is so good.  It’s the best chapter.”  Meanwhile, I underlined a lot of text and made many notes in the margins.  Hence, I go back to the book and read the underlined parts every now and then. It reminds me exactly who I want to be as a parent.

As I read the book, I try the suggestions with Jock immediately.  He is 4, and he understands everything I’ve shared with him enough that’s it’s been worth the effort.  I have started to plant seeds about grace, our battle with the enemy and the issues of the heart to name a few that I was not doing previously.

This book is parenting at its best. I can not say enough about the book or recommend it highly enough.  I learned just as much about myself as an individual as I learned about parenting.  Seriously, if every parent who walked out of the hospital with a baby were handed this book and they read and acted on it, the world would be transformed!   The book is priceless.  Below are 5 things the book taught me.  These were the first 5 that came to mind, but there are PLEEEENTY more!

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In any event, if you are still not convinced this book is easily worth every penny they charge for it, I encourage you to download the Paul Tripp App where you can read, watch and listen to more than 750 free pieces of content on marriage, parenting, evangelism, and more!  Get a taste of what he has to offer.  I guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

Share with any and all parents that you love!  They’ll thank you if they take action.

You Can'[t Afford to Miss One Word of Paul David Tripp's Phenomenal Book

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