While researching for Family Traditions: They’re Well Worth The Effort – What Are Yours? I quickly noticed that family culture had become a huge buzz in the parenting blog world. It is for good reason. This helps children feel a sense of security and belonging and makes the family unit something to be proud of. Your family culture will be your legacy.  What do you want your descendants to know about you? 

One thing that has stuck with me is something I learned in the book Why I Didn’t Rebel: A Twenty-Two-Year-Old Explains Why She Stayed on the Straight and Narrow—and How Your Kids Can Too by Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach. 

A study was done interviewing kids who had done an exceptional job making good decisions during adolescence and beyond.  Interviewee after interviewees answers boiled down to the fact that the person had a close relationship with their parents, they could talk openly with their parents about their feelings, their parents spoke openly about topics that some parents may feel uncomfortable about, and they had a lot of fun with their family.

As a parent of young children, I figured the best way I could start applying this information was to make sure that I am connected to my kids and in the meantime, we need to make sure we are having plenty of fun and laughter.  I set out to make sure this was incorporated in our family culture, and I became very intentional about implementing fun into our daily schedule.

I want to share with you some of the activities that we have used that brought plenty of fun and laughter to our family.

  1.  Water gun or water balloon fights–  The parents will participate and allow the kids to get them wet.  The kids get a kick out of feeling like they have the upper hand.  At one point I just stood in scarecrow form and they were laughing so hard they couldn’t even get a good aim to hit me.
  2. Freeze tag- This gets everyone up and moving.  The more dramatic the parents act the more fun the kids have.  If there is a toddler involved, you can make them the official Freeze Tag Boss.  They are the one who has to touch the frozen people in order to unfreeze them.
  3. Stuffed animal fun-  We have had conversations with the animals using them as puppets.  We have played chase while running with the animal of our choice.  When the other animals come near, you can growl or do the noise of your animal to try and get away or attack!  
  4. Play follow the leader.  The parents can act silly when they are the leader to get the giggles going.
  5. Play charades with a theme.  Letter of the week theme, animals only, someone from your favorite movies or books, etc.
  6. Use the face paint that glows in the blacklight.  Allow the kids to paint the parent’s face. Play chase in the dark. Someone with a black light chases other family members.  Have a black light set up to create loads of fun and science.  The kids will think of plenty of other fun ideas which makes the purchase of supplies is well worth it.





7.  Move the cushions off of the couch, loveseats, and chairs.  Make obstacle courses or build a fort.
8.  Build a fort out of chairs, blankets or anything fort material you can find in your home.
9.  Have a Yes DaySee Jennifer Garners Story.

Yes Day!
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10.  Everybody jump on the bed.  Throw the kids on the bed.  Play steamroller on the bed. Roughhouse.
11.  Go to a jump zone or trampoline park.
12.  Give the kids a piggyback ride while you dance or act silly.  Spin, dance, shake your hips, bounce a little.
13.  Do the Hokey Pokey.  Parents act silly and dramatic.
14.  Play Double Dare.  Parents do stuff you ordinarily wouldn’t do.  Let the kids see a glimpse of you as daring.
15.  Go to a You Pick It farm.
16.  Build something out of boxes. You can use tubs, clothes baskets, or moving boxes.  When you go grocery shopping, ask them if they have extra boxes you could have.  If you like to push yourself, here are some ideas.  If you want to keep it low key, try these for inspiration.
17.  Camp in the backyard or take a camping trip.  It doesn’t have to be extravagant.  Just staying in a tent does something for kids.
18.  Go to a neighborhood or local school playground.  Bring out your inner kid.  Run around on the equipment and play with the kids using plenty of energy and laughter.
19.  Have a pillow fight.  When the kids hit you, act like they are so strong that you fall over.
20.  Play in the water hose.  Allow the kids to hold it, spray you, and have control.  Laugh and enjoy.  They love love love this.
21.  Tell the kids, I’ll play anything you want for 1 hour!
21 Ways to Make Sure Your Family Has FUN Making Fun a Part of Your Family Culture





In January, I had the honor of being interviewed by the phenomenal interviewer, Jodi from The Home and Family Culture Podcast.  She interviews people who offer tips and tools for families. She hopes to help families discover and design what their vision, values, beliefs, and traditions are that shape their family culture. I had fun doing the interview because Jodi was so easy to talk to.  

After hearing the Family Culture Interview, you will:

  • know what family culture is and the importance of it
  • have ideas on ways to make your family culture fun
  • make a plan to bring fun into your family culture
  • know of 2 phenomenal parenting tip books


Listen to the interview on the social media of your choice:

The Home and Family Culture Website: 

I encourage you to follow The Home & Family Culture Podcast on your favorite social media and sign-up to hear the latest posting.



The 2 books recommended in the interview:


I would love to hear what your family does for fun.  Go to comments and share your family’s favorite activity.  It is nice to have fresh ideas to keep the kids guessing!


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Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours!  Remember to have fun, laugh and give God the glory! I love you! SS

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