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Family Traditions: They’re Well Worth the Effort – What Are Yours?

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Think back to some of your favorite childhood memories.  What do they involve? You got it. Traditions!

Even Hank Williams Jr. felt the need to write a song about them:

Country music singers have always been a real close family
But lately, some of my kinfolks have disowned a few others and me
I guess it’s because I kind of changed my direction
Lord, I guess I went and broke their family tradition

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Why Family Traditions

Psychologists are saying that study after study is proving that what we remember and enjoy the most about our time in our parents’ home is the family traditions. It’s the activities that bring our families together and give us the feeling that everything is right with the world and with our families that shine in our hearts the longest. 

Just think about the stories you hear people tell from childhood, “Every Christmas we would, my cousins and I would always, my dad used to always take us camping to…”  This will be our children someday.  What stories do we want to give them to tell?

After reading these statistics, I had a conversation with Chris about it.  We concluded that we didn’t have as many as we would have liked, and we weren’t being consistent on some of the ones we originally planned. 

They need to be your own and feel natural to the family! Children can research and suggest traditions, or a family vote can be done.

Family Tradition

Ride the cotton picker with Grandpa at harvest time

Make Time for Family Traditions

In a time when priorities are prioritized, technology and the pace of life are frantic, it is more important than ever to tattoo these remarkable times onto our children’s memory. Yes, there is work pressure, bills to pay, Little League, Girl Scouts, piano, and the list goes on. 

No one has the answer to how your family can find time for family traditions, but it is worth you figuring out how your family will carve out the time from your busy schedules because many are convinced that traditions are the key to everything. It’s a conscious decision for us to choose our priorities every day, or the world will gladly choose them for you!

Family Traditions
Family Tradition

Support Your Alma Mater

In all the chaos in the world and the busyness in households, children love the predictability and routine. Traditions give the family their identity. Family traditions help children to know their cultural heritage. They are the ties that bind us and give us a sense of belonging.  They give children something to look forward to.

Creating a Legacy
Many children go on to pass these traditions to their children.  If you do not already have traditions in your family, consider what you can add to your family’s agenda so that you are leaving a legacy of unforgettable times, connecting your generations, and building security and values in your children.

Family traditions
family traditions

Go to a pumpkin patch every fall

No one can tell you what your traditions should be.  I researched traditions for my own family because we had a couple of traditions from our childhood that we wanted to pass to Luke and Jock, but we also wanted to add some.  

Family Tradition Ideas

  1. Going to a certain team event every year (Ex: Go to the Mets vs. Red Sox)
  2. Make a recipe from your culture on a given holiday every year
  3. Go to church as a family every Christmas at the same time and day
  4. Google Christmas traditions. There are tons.
  5. Do something for each day of Holy Week before Easter. Again, tons of ideas if you Google.
  6. Volunteer at the same place for years
  7. Birthday traditions such as pick what I cook for you on that day
  8. Go to a family reunion every year
  9. Pumpkin carving
  10. Gardening or going berry or pecan picking
  11. First and last day of school (Do the same special thing on those days every year)
  12. Notes in the lunch box
  13. Always eat dinner together
  14. Yearly carnivals or fairs
  15. Yearly hunting trips
  16. Musicals, symphonies, theatres
  17. Pray as a family before meals and bedtime
  18. There are plenty of Thanksgiving traditions, again Google if interested.
  19. Have a weekly family cleaning night, movie night, dance night, or board game night
  20. Pick a chapter book that the family will read together each night
  21. Read the Bible as a family
  22. Children should see that there are traditions between husband and wife too: date night, anniversary celebration, Christmas gift giving, always dance to a certain song
  23. Marshmallow roasting
  24. The same water park every summer or family river floats
  25. The same yearly camping trip
  26. Something the kids enjoy every year (For us it’s Monster Jam Feb. and Oct.)
  27. Horseback riding
  28. Family Game Night
  29. Special morning kisses
  30. Crazy handshakes 
  31. I Love You Hand Signal

Make a Family Tradition Plan Today

The possibilities are endless. The main thing is that your family does something that gives it a personality and uniqueness from other families.

No one can tell you what your traditions should be.  I researched traditions for my own family because we had a couple of traditions from our childhood that we wanted to pass to Luke and Jock, but we also wanted to add some.  

family tradition
family traditions

Jellystone Park each October

Don’t forget to take pictures.  You can even make albums of certain traditions. 

Family Traditions
Family Traditions
Family Traditions

A tradition chose by Jock, 3 years running – Monster Jam

Traditions are something that won’t be regretted.  Don’t look back and wish you had.  As Gretchen Rubin would say, “The days pass slowly, but the years pass quickly.” 

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What is your favorite childhood family tradition? What family tradition do you and your family do that the rest of us should consider?  We would love to hear from you!

Family Traditions

Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours!  Remember to have fun, laugh and give God the glory! I love you! SS

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