Is Your Family Ready For a Dog?

Santa brought our boys Maltipoos for Christmas.  Yes, they EACH got a puppy.  Many parents ask me how it is going and whether or not I recommend getting a puppy for a toddler and preschooler.  What parents want me to tell them is if their family is ready for a dog.

Previous to making a decision to get the boys dogs for Christmas I read a ton of articles to try and answer this question for us.  I too wanted to make sure we were ready to get a dog before we took the plunge.  Most of the articles and research I read said to wait until a child is around age 6 to get them a dog.

Considering the number of times I read this, you would think I would not have been as surprised as I was at the chaos the pups brought to our home.  Lord. Have. Mercy.  After 4 months I am just now starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel.  I am beginning to feel like things have started to calm down some.  I’m not sure if the dogs and kids have improved, but the weather has!  Therefore, the pups get to spend more time outside.  I was asking myself daily, “What were we thinking?  Not about ourselves that’s for sure!”  Now it’s not quite daily.

So, you too may be wondering if your family is ready for a dog!


This article gives 10 questions for parents to answer and discuss in order to help them make the decision on whether or not their family is ready for a dog. We feel that you will not have as many surprises as we did if you discuss the bullet points in this post. #familypet #howtoknowifyoushouldgetadot #isyourfamilyreadyforapupppy #shouldwegetourkidsadog

Only You Know If Your Family Is Ready For a

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Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Children Will Become What You Say They Are

How much thought have you given to the research on self-fulfilling prophecy? This research can be significant in your parenting.  You see, we buy into a story.  How we live and the decisions we make in our life are a result of the story we bought into. 

Furthermore, research says that the things that we saw, the things that we experienced, and the conversations we were exposed to between ages 0-5 govern most of the way we live as adults.  With this in mind, it is worth our effort to be intentional about the verbal and nonverbal communications we have with our children.

This is part of the reason it is said, “The way we talk to our child becomes their inner voice.”

The good news is that if we are intentional, humans can rewrite the story that we believe.  We can change our ideas such as I’m not good enough, fast enough, rich enough, smart enough, I’m not organized enough, skinny enough, whatever you need to rewrite. You can change your mindset.  You can even help your children to change their mindsets.  It is NEVER too late!

As parents, you must remember that when you say to your child, “You are…” or when you say about them, “He/She is…”  They will be exactly that.  Expect it.  Expect it every time because that is what you are sure to get.



Self-fulfilling prophecy with children. This post shares research, gives the types, examples, real-life stories, and it encourages parents to be intentional. #self-fulfilledprophecy #childrenwillbecomewhatyousay


Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Defined

When I attended the College of Education at Texas A&M in the 90s, a professor shared a Read the rest

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Kids’ Pooping Problems: Everything You Thought You Would Never Need to Know

Before I became a mom I would hear the moms at my jobs discussing their kids’ pooping problems.  I remember being repulsed and feeling sympathy for their child.  I couldn’t believe these moms would discuss their child’s private matters with each other. 

Once I became a parent, I was quick to realize, there is some s#!+ no one talks about… before becoming a parent. Poop is one of them. The things I heard on the job site were nothing compared to the conversations Chris and I have had. We just didn’t know what we didn’t know. Needless to say, parents get baptized by fire in this department.  Quickly, we started Googling.  Thankfully, there was a poop load of answers.

Since those first questions we had, we have read more than I care to think about when it comes to poop.  We have learned about colors, textures, what inhibits it, what breaks it loose and what is considered healthy.


This post includes: foods that help children poop, the #1 thing parents may not know about their child's pooping problems, how to help children poop, how to talk about poop, kids pooping problems, what to eat to help with constipation, books to share with children about pooping and info. about Miralax

Kids’ Pooping Problems Are Pretty Normal and So Is Talking About It

In PRIVATE that is!  Please, don’t embarrass your child on Social Media.

If you are around a group of moms it is not rare for them to move their stools closer and discuss the subject of kids’ pooping problems. There are 3 popular types of poop conversations. The child who holds it in and refuses to go.  Then, some have a child who is constipated often.  Lastly, the one that makes all the moms gasp. The child who Read the rest

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To the Lonely Mom: Form a Virtual Tribe to Get You Through

Being a mom can be lonely.  Have you ever considered yourself a lonely mom? I’m sure some will wonder how I could make such a statement when moms are rarely even alone in the restroom, but it’s true! 

When I became a mom I dropped a lot of the habits that weren’t serving me well. I also quit my career as a die-hard teacher and became a SAHM.  In addition, I battled postpartum depression and questioned every parenting decision I made.  I lived with so much fear.  We relocated to a new town when my firstborn was 2 months old, only to relocate again 2 years later after we had a second child.  I felt like I was constantly starting from scratch with my identity. Back then, I didn’t know what most of the issue was, but I know now.  I was a lonely mom.

This isn’t a pity party.  It’s a celebration.  It was a good thing.  Before kids, I had one foot on each side of the line.  Now, I needed to be intentional about being the person I wanted my kids to be. But I found myself feeling like an introverted, older, lonely mom hoping a new bestie would miraculously appear and ring my doorbell. 

Sometimes we have to be in the dark for a while to truly appreciate the light.

Maybe you miss the woman you were before you had kids.  That’s really hard too.  There are tons of valid reasons moms are lonely!

I had Read the rest

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How to Get Kids to Love Their Veggies

We would all like to live in a world where our kids love and enjoy their veggies and we don’t dread dinner times anymore, wouldn’t we?

But the reality is often quite different. The gap that needs to be bridged, from where we are today, to where we want to be when our kids make choices of their own, is different for every mother and every family. The goal is most likely the same – teach our kids to enjoy healthy eating so they can stay healthy and, in turn, look after their families when they grow up.

We all know about the health crisis in the world. Everyone is affected, just to different degrees. On the human level, a sick population means a bleak future for all of us. On your family level unhealthiness leads from cranky kids and clogged toilets to parents feeling guilty and stressed about wasting food and not being able to get their kids to eat right.

Regardless of the stage you and your kids are in right now – the ‘beige stage’ or adventurous eaters, applying the following 5 tips will guide you through the process of getting your child to love their veggies. The important things to focus on are taking it easy, lowering your expectations, and having fun and building a strong connection with your kids.


The article encourages parents to be flexible when introducing healthy eating to your child. The post walks parents through 5 tips for the process of getting your child to love veggies. #gettingkidstoeattheirveggies #gettingkidstoeatvegetables #gettingkidstoeattheirvegetables #howtogetkidstoeathealthy #veggiesforkids


Tip# 1 –  If you want your kids to eat and love veggies, you have to be the one modeling that.

How often do Read the rest

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The Importance of a Mom’s Music Playlist

Mom.  I have to ask, do you have a playlist that you can turn to when Mom’in gets hard?  When you need a pick me up? On days you need calm or energy?  When you need to change your mindset to an optimistic one? Maybe when you need to remember why you ever got with your partner in the first place? If you don’t have a Mom’s Music Playlist, I want to encourage you to make it a priority to create yourself a playlist or a series of playlists.  The importance of a Mom’s music playlist has a domino effect on the whole family.  We’ve all heard, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

Research says that our moods even affect our babies while they are in the womb.  Create a positive playlist that you and the baby listen to daily while you are pregnant.  I did this and I swear by it.  I kind of forgot about it after Jock was born.  After he was older, I came across it, and I pushed play.  He started dancing around, and he knew a lot of the words to the 3 songs I played him daily while he was in the womb.  Freaked me out!

Moms, we can choose our thoughts and moods just the same way we choose our outfits every day.  The only person in the house we can truly control is ourselves.  We can use music for our family’s benefit.  The good part about having a playlist Read the rest

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