5 Time-Saving Tips For Busy Moms Who Want Their Life Back

One thing 99.9% of moms have in common is that they are busy.  Every mom you talk to these days starts sentences with, “We are just so busy…”  Moms feel there are not enough hours in the day, and they need all of the time-saving tips they can get. 

New research shows that busyness has become a social status in the United States.  At the same time, research proves that busy does not prove progress or productivity.

On the one hand, we have an insatiable need for things to do, FOMO.  On the other hand, we know experts are right when they say being present is the best and healthiest way to live. 

So a juggle begins.  Is it possible to find harmony between the two? In order for that to happen, we need time-saving tips, so we can give more time to the things that mean the most to our family.  How can moms save time?

With this said, there are ways moms can take back their time.  In order to do that, moms have to be intentional about implementing time-saving tips and carving out time in their schedule for the things that are most important to them.  Now more than ever before, this is a smart priority for you.  After all, living in the information age, you are bombarded with an unfathomable amount of material on a daily basis.

Parents must be intentional about what their family does with their time.  If we do not plan our life, Read the rest

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What To Do Instead of Spanking or Punishment

When you make the wise decision to quit spanking, it doesn’t take long before the questions arise.  “What am I going to do instead of spanking?  I can’t just let my child get away with murder.  I don’t want to be a permissive parent.  What if my child grows up to be a criminal?” 

These are totally normal thoughts.  Without a doubt, you have to have a mindset change when you switch from practicing punishment to using connection instead.  You now take the time to teach the desired behavior instead of inflicting suffering for the wrong behavior.

The goal is to raise children who do what is right because it is the right thing to do NOT because they are afraid of getting hit or receiving any punishment for that matter.  Think about it.  What good is that for your child short term or long term?

The first belief that you must accept and own is that parenting is just as much if not more about your behavior than your child’s behavior.  It is about your self-control and how you do life. 

Children will be children no matter what.  They go through developmental stages and they test the boundaries every step of the way.  Your job is to model the self-control of navigating life within the boundaries.  To do this well, self-care and connection with your child have to be priorities.



This article informs parents on alternatives to use instead of spanking and punishment. Focus on self-care and connection is key. Use natural and logical consequences instead. This guide is priceless. #stopspanking #positiveparenting #alternativestopunishment #consequencesforchildren #toddlers #preschoolers #teenagers


In order to be the best version of yourself, you have to be taking care of Read the rest

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10 Reasons to Stop Spanking That Are Backed By Research

Were you spanked as a child?  Do you spank your child?  Afterward, do you feel guilty and wonder if there could be a better way to discipline your child rather than hitting?  Maybe your family and friends have told you the guilt is normal, and it hurts you to spank more than it hurts your child.  Maybe the culture or church you grew up in believes in spanking? However, there’s something in your gut telling you spanking isn’t right.

Rewrite Your Family Legacy

Whatever your case, if your answer to any of these questions is yes, I want to share some moral reasons and research-based reasons you should quit spanking your child.  The way your family did things does not have to be the way you do things.  You can stop the cycle.

Ultimately, you decide what you believe to be right for your family.  I encourage you to make an educated decision not solely based on opinion.  You can change your family’s legacy from spanking to one of problem-solving.  Essentially, you will strengthen the emotional health of your family.



Reasons to Quit Spanking That Are Backed By Research: This article informs parents on how the negative affects of spanking outweigh the benefits. Quitting spanking can lead to a healthier emotional legacy for your family. #corporalpunishment #theeffectsofspanking #theresearchonspanking #whyyoushouldstopspanking


Spanking Is Controversial

Spanking is a controversial topic.  I’m not here to argue or tell you what to do.  I’m here on behalf of your child to ask you to read this article with an open mind. My job is to deliver the facts that research and child development prove. If you continue spanking your child, no judgment against you.  I believe that Read the rest

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Parents: Stop Judging Each Other and Unite

For as long as I can remember, I was an expert judger.  Even though I know it is a sin and would ask God for forgiveness, I continued on my judging path.  I judged about how people dressed, behavior, lack of self-control, you name it. The following quote would have done me a lot of good.  


I would tell my guilty conscience that I was twice as hard on myself, so I wasn’t even being as hard on others as I was myself.  Somehow this excuse seemed to pardon my behavior. I know this is really shallow behavior, but please hear me out. The older I got, the more convicted I felt about being judgmental

I decided that I was going to try my best not to be judgmental.  From then on, I did try my best, and I got better and better about not judging. BUT I couldn’t seem to totally get rid of it the way I wanted to.  I knew I was better than I used to be but not where I wanted to be.


Judging Before I Was a Parent

When I was a teacher (I had no kids), it was really easy to judge parents by the way their child showed up to school, how much the parent supported their child in their school work and activities, and on and on. Fast forward to 2013, 6 pregnancy tests came out positive, and I couldn’t believe I was going to be a parent. 

Once Read the rest

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21 MORE Ways to Say I Love You to Your Child by Showing It

This -N- That Parenting has a mission to effectively develop intentional parents who will change the world one child at a time.  Psychiatrist, Dr. Charles Raison said, “One generation of deeply loving parents would change the brains of the next generation, and with that, the world.”  With that in mind, I wanted to provide parents with a way to say I Love You to your child through your actions.

By all means, I do not want you to run out of ideas on how to show love to your child!  It is easy to run out of new ways to spark the love energy.  Without a doubt, life gets loud and we get into a rut.  We keep doing the same things day in and day out.  Here you will find 21 Ways to Say I Love You to Your Child.

Without a doubt, aim for telling your child and showing your child that you love them as many times as possible in a day.  When a child knows that a parent loves them without a doubt, it builds courage that the child would not have otherwise.  Ultimately, you’re letting your child know you have their best interest in mind.  You are setting a foundation for their future relationships.  Ideally, these gestures will be used for generations to come.

On a positive note, adding new ideas and new energy can bring a new zeal to things.  That’s what the 21 more ideas are meant for.  They are meant to get Read the rest

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Simple Ways to Advocate for Your Child in the Healthcare System

Advocating for our children in the healthcare system is the duty of the parent.  I first want to say that I believe there are plenty of great doctors out there, and just like everything else, we have to go out and find the best for our kids.

I am not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but there is a good reason for me to bring this up.  Medical error is now… Are you ready for this?  Number 3 on the cause of deaths in the United States!  That is flabbergasting and unacceptable in my opinion. I don’t want my family or yours to be a statistic.  Source

Medical Records

Before your child is born or start now, keep the papers that you receive at the doctor’s office.  The best thing to do is to have a manila folder you drop them in every time you return from an appointment or a binder that you put them in.  If the nurse does not give you any paperwork before you leave, ask for it. 

Now with all the MyChart and portals, it makes it easier to print out the important stuff.

Keep note of medications in this binder.  Often times you are asked what medication the child is on. This health binder can be used if there are future health incidents, if you’re changing doctors and you can pass it to your child when they leave home.  Maybe they will be inspired and continue to keep the binder throughout their lives.Read the rest

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