5 things mom can't live without
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5 Things Mom Can’t Live Without

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These days you are so bombarded with suggestions on products mom can’t live without that it doesn’t take long before your Amazon cart is spilling over and you think you need a side-hustle or a Swiss bank account to afford it all! Been there, done that, got the closet full of stuff I didn’t use much to prove it!

Today, I want to save you time and money. After trying many product suggestions, I want to share with you the ones that have been the most life-changing for me. They are easy to use, convenient, time-saving and simple. I will share the ones that were worth every penny!

Since becoming a mom, my priorities have changed.  The stuff moms need changes drastically.  Now my list focuses on convenience and self-care.  I invest in things that make our lives simpler and save time.  I am always looking for ways to save time,  so I have more time to connect with my family.

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In this post, I share 5 items that I recommend for all moms. If you are looking to make life simpler these items are easy, convenient and save time. They are stuff moms want.

1. Hoover Cordless Vacuum

I have no idea how I lived for so long without a cordless vacuum.  My dad gifted me with this only a year ago.  What I love about it is that it is very user-friendly. Even a 3-year-old can vacuum successfully with this!  I pick up anything that has moisture by hand.  After that, Hoover to the rescue. 

Mom Can't Live Without A Hoover Vacuum

It picks up everything that accumulates around a kitchen table with a toddler and preschooler. After we use it, I charge the battery to make sure it will be ready for the next time.  We can vacuum all the areas in our home that have tile without losing charge.

Why Mom Can’t Live Without A Hoover Cordless Vacuum:

  • It fits under counters and furniture.
  • Convenient. Convenient. CONVENIENT. Easy storage and faster and better than a broom.
  • The handle rotates making it super maneuverable.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • There’s a meter to tell you how much battery voltage you have left.
  • No cord!
  • The dirt cup is easy to dump and replace.
  • It sucks up everything.  Except for your kids and pets!
    Not that I’ve tried.



2. My Minivan

I NEVER in a million years would have thought I would drive a minivan, but when it came time for a different vehicle, a minivan seemed to be the smartest choice.  I like some get-up and go, and I can’t complain about my van with picking up speed.  It will not beat a Porsche, (don’t ask me how I know) but it could probably give second place a run for the money. Mom can’t live without a minivan and should not live without a minivan for peace of mind and the time it saves and convenience.  

I tell the kids, “Never underestimate this minivan.”  When I want to entertain the boys, I safely look both ways when leaving a red light, then hit the gas and say to the tune of Gingerbread Man, “Drive, drive as fast as you can.  You can’t catch me I’m in my minivan!”   

Why Mom Can’t Live Without A Minivan

  • The size is easy to park, fits in the garage, yet you can pack 1,000,001 things inside plus the kids.
  • The vehicle is versatile.  It can be great for our family, for my friends and I, for short trips, or for long trips.  There are so many perks.
  • Everything is simple and quick to clean, vacuum (it comes with one built–in) and wipe down.
  • The kids climb in and out on their own.
  • The price.
  • Good gas mileage.
  • Safety features. Safety first. Side airbags.
  • All the ways the seats fold up or come out.
stuff moms need

3. Essential Oils

Several years ago, I was clueless about oils.  Not that I ever went to the doctor, but I thought that people who were using the oils were drinking the kool-aid as my cousin would say.  This was because I was uneducated and listening to the opinion of some of those around me.

At Christmas, one of my friends blessed me with the gift of oils.  Once I started using the gift, I haven’t looked back.  It has changed our lives.  I joined Young Living, and I encourage all households to be members. I am here to scream from the rooftops, “This mom can’t live without my essential oils.”

As someone who hates taking medicine or using chemicals in my household, I can’t believe I wasn’t into this earlier.  Now, I use it as an immunity booster, mood booster, energy booster, food enhancer, focus enhancer, aphrodisiac, anxiety suppresser, replace cleaners, confidence builder, toothpaste, deodorant, skin enhancer, and more.  We use the oils internally, topically and aromatically.

Furthermore, I learned that oils are mentioned in the Bible over 200 times and were used often.  I use mine daily.  If they were good enough for Jesus, Frankincense and Myrrh anybody, they are good enough for me for sure. Find out more about how to get involved with essential oils Here.

Why Mom Can’t Live Without Essential Oils

  • You want what is best for your family.
  • You want to use the least amount of chemicals in your home as possible.
  • The Seed to Seal promise.
  • Immunity booster, mood booster, energy booster, food enhanced, focus enhancer, aphrodisiac, anxiety suppresser and more!
  • Wellness and mindfulness
  • The chemical-free aromatherapy the diffuser provides.
Young Living Starter Kit Young Living Essential Oils

Since I started displaying my oils in this handy shelf that holds them perfectly, I use them even more. Here’s the link shelf.


4. Alexa

I was very apprehensive about whether or not I would like this device because I was nervous to bring another “device” into our home.  Within days, I was glad I did not return Alexa. 

The kids and I love using her.  I love how she saves me time and I don’t even have to quit what I’m doing to go find her like I do my phone.  Recently, Jock told me, “Mom, I love you, Ryder (his cousin), and Alexa the most.”  If he ever names her first, there will be issues.  

Why Mom Can’t Live Without Alexa

  • She plays whatever music you request on cue.
  • You can set timers and alarms with her.
  • You can ask the weather for the day, next day, etc.
  • You can keep lists that you can access in the app. For example, I keep a grocery list and a To-Do List. You just say, “Alexa, add green beans to the shopping list.” And Wah-Lah she does!
  • She will play games with you or the kids.  You can tell her to tell jokes.
  • You can ask her questions that you would usually Google.
  • She will do a guided meditation.
  • Alexa can even read books to the family.
  • You can ask her to give you reminders. She can remind of short term and long term events.


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Give Me 200 Printable Kid-Friendly Alexa Commands Now

Admittedly, I asked Alexa to vacuum the living room.  She replied, “I can’t do that, but I can play some music to get you in the mood to clean.”  She played some upbeat music.  The Alexa for adults with a screen is on my wishlist.

Want More On Self-Care?

5. Daily Devotional

When I was going through postpartum depression, I was blessed to hear someone speaking about the importance of their devotional and how it changed their day.  She mentioned that she used the Jesus Calling devotional. 

A friend had given me a devotional 2 years prior and I had never used it.  I went home and dug it out.  Low and behold, I looked at the cover and it was a Jesus Calling devotional.

I agree.  This devotional has changed my days.  I’ve given this beautiful book to so many people I love, and I’ve come back to it myself again and again. I’m so thankful for what God has done in my own life and the lives of people I love through this extraordinary book. 

I am on my 4th year of using this book, and every day I feel like Jesus is speaking directly to me. Though I’ve read it 4 times, I would never know. I have bought more Sarah Young books and none have let me down.  

Why Mom Can’t Live Without A Daily Devotional

  • The message speaks to your soul.
  • Jesus Calling gets your day started on a positive note.
  • There are Bible verses at the bottom of the page.
  • The book always seems to be 100% spot on with what you’re going through.
  • You wait to do your morning routine.  It doesn’t feel like a job.  The book is something you look forward to.
  • You intentionally connect to God first thing in the morning.

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Give Me 200 Printable Kid-Friendly Alexa Commands Now

Admittedly, I asked Alexa to vacuum the living room.  She replied, “I can’t do that, but I can play some music to get you in the mood to clean.”  She played some upbeat music.  The Alexa for adults with a screen is on my wishlist.

Bonus:  Lash Boost

Mom’s everywhere are ruining their lashes by putting fake lashes on. Eventually, this leaves you with very few lashes.  Rodan + Fields Lash Boost grows your lashes by applying the liner each night.  Women everywhere are raving about this enhancement.  It will also thicken your eyebrows if they have thinned over the years.

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As you can see, mom can’t live without these items.  These items will benefit a mom by making her life easier and more simple.  Whether you are a mom yourself or someone looking for a gift mom can’t live without, you can’t go wrong with the items on this list.

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Comment:  I would love to hear about items that you can’t live without since you have become a mom.  We can all benefit from sharing items mom can’t live without.  We don’t want anyone saying, “I wish I had known about these sooner.”  Please share.

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Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours!  Remember to have fun, laugh and give God the glory! I love you! SS


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