9 Things Your Mom Friend Wishes You Knew About Her Direct Sales Business

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My purpose for creating a post on direct sales is so that when you see your Mom Friend trying to sell something on your social media feed or she contacts you directly, you know what’s on her heart! When I started in direct sales, I was really naive. I don’t know how I stayed under the radar.  Prior to getting into direct sales, I had not been asked to buy many products or host any kind of parties or trunk shows.  In fact, I actually asked to be a Consultant and an Ambassador in the companies I have joined, no one asked me.

I joined one company because my face was clear from acne for the first time in 32 years.  Then, I joined the next company because I am super pumped about their mission of supporting artisans in developing countries through fair trade.  Of course, I want to share YL Essential Oils with the world because they changed my family’s health and wellness. I want everyone to have this freedom.

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Just like most, I’m not a salesman, and my schedule is packed, but I want to be part of something that is bigger than myself.  I don’t think anyone is running to the table yelling, “Sign me up.  I have so much time.” As a Stay-At-Home-Mom any extra income helps, so I have to carve out the time to give to the business.  They say people get into direct sales for 5 reasons: product, profit, people, purpose and personal growth.  You might go into it for one, but my belief is that eventually, all 5 will win you over.

The best metaphor I can think to compare direct sales to is parenting.  Never say never! Try not to judge until you’ve walked in their shoes. Prior to joining a company, you have a bunch of ideas of what you would and would never do if you were in direct sales.  Once you’re in, you grow as a person, and you take risks you may have thought you never would have.  In my opinion, the personal development you gain on this journey is priceless.  Just the personal development that occurs and the people you will meet is well worth the price of any starter kit!

What We Wish Our Friends Knew About Our Direct Sales Business

I asked several moms who are in direct sales, “What do you wish your mom friends knew about your business?” Here’s what the 9 who answered had to say:

#1  Being a Noonday ambassador allows me to stay home with my kids during the day but also allows me to remember who I am outside of motherhood! I love getting dressed up, actually putting on makeup and pants other than yoga pants, and hanging out with other women! On top of all of that, I earn an income that we use towards “extra” things for our family! ~Jolene Shrock, Noonday Ambassador 

#2  We have a huge passion for our business and have a massive support group from our up line, team leaders and sponsors. The moms support each other not only in the business but as true friends. We invest time and energy in building our business to instill a love for our products to our customers. Moms find joy when our customers express their love for the product as much as we do.  ~Jennifer Kwan Wong, Usborne Book Consultant 

#3  We didn’t drink the Kool-aid. We saw the opportunity for a life refresher and took it. I’ve heard that before. Oh, you drank the kool-aid. Maybe I didn’t realize I was thirsty? I love what this business gives me and what I can give back in return. As a people person, the interaction, engagement and celebrating (because I do love a party) brought work and play together. And it felt good!  ~Shannon Abramson, Level V Executive Consultant at Rodan + Fields.

#4  When I found a product(s) I loved I knew Direct sales was for me. There are so many positives to direct sales: being my own boss, working from home and setting my own hours, this is huge for me since I have back issues and it is difficult for me to go out and work; meeting so many great people between customers and other consultants and making new friends; contributing to the household income, allowing us the little extra pleasures like taking the grandkids to Chick-fil-A; mostly working in direct sales is helping build my confidence. ~Brenda Kerr, LuLaRoe Independent Retailer & Norwex Independent Consultant 

#5  We would love for you to consider what we are selling especially if it is something you would buy anyway. Wouldn’t you feel great knowing you are supporting a friend as opposed to a huge store who doesn’t really need your sale? Also, we love to hear back from you if we reach out even if you aren’t interested. It doesn’t change our relationship with each other.  ~Teresa Smith, Level II Executive Consultant at Rodan and Fields 

#6  It brings me great joy to help others reach their healthy living goals. When I share my business or products with you it’s because I truly feel you can benefit from what I have to offer. You won’t hurt my feelings if you say No. ~Yvette Maldonado, Arbonne Independent Consultant 

#7  Sometimes the only place we can really advertise is social media. If you don’t like it, scroll past.  ~Jennifer Nichols, Brand Promoter at Le-Vel

#8  I am Health Rebel Mama and I love to empower women in wellness, toxin-free lifestyle, and business with Young Living Essential Oils. Using essential oils has brought so much vitality, strength and freedom to my life and my family and I love sharing that with other mamas! Direct sales are a great way to support my LEGIT family business that puts gas in my car and pays for the food on my table rather than further lining the pockets of large corporations.  ~ Jaime Jean Klocek, Young Living Essential Oils Health Mentor, www.vitalityandvalor.com 

#9  1. It’s not easy. 2. But it is fun. 3. It takes courage to get people to listen to you and buy from you. 4. It’s a business, so you have to have good time management and organization.  5. I’m never more vulnerable than when I’m trying to put myself out there to tell about my product. ~ Natalie Oaks, Usborne Book Consultant

Call to Action

I want to encourage you to support your mom friend in direct sales.  There are 3 ways you can do that. 

  1.  You can buy her products if they are something you can use.  I don’t think your friends expect you to buy something from them that you don’t use, but if they sell something that you are already purchasing or would like to purchase, your support would mean the world to them. 
  2. The second way you can support her is to recommend her to others and introduce her to the people in your circle they are not in touch with.  Word of mouth recommendations are the nicest compliments.
  3. Lastly, if you love what they do, join them.  Start your own business.  It is so much more fun when you are doing this with a friend.  To bring in an extra income while having fun with a friend is a blessing.

Maybe you are a mom who is looking to get out and do something outside of motherhood.  There are mothers who want financial freedom.  There are mothers who want to be able to give to their favorite charity. If you have any of these desires, whatever your desire is, start taking action to make it come true! I encourage you to pray that your “thing” would come into your life. Then be on the lookout because it will come.  This post may be your answer.  Have an open mind as to what could be in store for you. The beauty of all of this is you can do it on your terms.  There’s room at the table for all of us, and we’d love for you to join in!

If you are into direct sales, we’d love for you to share what you want others to know about your business in comments.

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